Gsteigstrasse 8, 3785, Gsteig By Gstaad, Switzerland
Safran’s Selection of Meze Platter
Falafel Starter at Safran
Simple Salads at Safran
Safran Chenjeh Kebab with grilled tomato, safran basmati rice and spicy lentil sauce
Lebanese green beans
Zereshk polo (rice with barberries)
BBQ marinated safran chicken
BBQ marinated lamb chops
Fava beans – Also known as simply ‘broad beans’ or foul moudammas (in Lebanese)
Pitta bread
Persian ‘kebab koobideh’ – The no 1 Iranian dish. We serve 2 skewers of delicious minced lamb
Chicken Tikka Kebab
Persian kebab ‘chenjeh’. Grilled safran beef kebab with blistered tomatoes
Salmon Kebab
Our bio green pasta
Kalam polo – a delicious mixed Persian rice dish. Kalam means cabbage and polo is rice in Farsi.
Saag Aloo – Healthy, traditional, Indian spinach based side dish. Combined with potato & spices
Loobiya polo (one-pot Persian dish of rice, ground beef, green beans, tomato sauce & curry spices)
BBQ Bananas
Baklava – A rich, sweet pastry with chopped nuts & syrup
Faloodeh “Iranian ice cream”. A cold dessert of thin vermicelli noodles in semi-frozen syrup made from sugar & rose water
Our freshly made orange juice !
Refreshing ginger, cucumber & parsley juice
Detox delight: Cleansing cucumber, parsley & lemon juice smoothie
Refreshing Gsteig Water
Nespresso coffee – our tailored menu for your coffee pleasure
Our selection of refreshing Persian, Moroccan & house teas
Selection of soft drinks & sirops for the kids
Selection of beers – draft and bottle
A great selection of whisky, brandy and liquers – feel the spirit
A great selection of gin and tonics – feel the spirit