Gsteigstrasse 8, 3785, Gsteig By Gstaad, Switzerland
A feast of favourites
Addas polo (persian rice with lentils), potato & dates
Safran catering – for your occasion
Safran catering
Bell pepper sabzi
Aloo gobi masala (potato cauliflower in delicious spicy onion tomato gravy)
Your event – our focus
Chicken curry in light sauce
Chickpea curry with basmati rice
Chicken kebabs, zucchini made together with some young chefs
Our fresh salad
Spinach and pepper, herbs & spices platter
Creamy fresh mushrooms on toast
Roasted carrots & rosemary
Ginger & carrot salad
Lentil lemon and pepper soup supreme
A client event
Lemon, tomato & onion salad
Safran sabzi salad
Prawn skewers (spiced) with cucumber and salad
Light vegetarian light curry
Foil-baked sea bass with herbs, spices & our vegetables
Spinach daal
Quinoa Salad
Seafood supreme with strawberries & mint
Stuffed vine Leaves
Grilled Sweetcorn (Mais)
BBQ Lamb chops – our outdoor, all year BBQ
Safran Restaurant and hotel sanetsch with our Black Land Rover
Safran catering & delivery services