Gsteigstrasse 8, 3785, Gsteig By Gstaad, Switzerland
Safran Restaurant
 GSteig Bei GStaad
Persian, Mediterranean, Indian & Lebanese Food
 Safran Restaurant, Hotel Residence Sanetsch,
Gsteigstrasse 8, Gsteig bei Gstaad, 3785,
Bern, Switzerland
Family Friendly Restaurant & Bar, BBQ, Gardens,
Events & Catering, Delivery & Takeaway, Free WIFI,
Car Parking, Electric Car Charging, Cigar & Shisha Lounge
 +41 33 755 20 00
Be Invigorated
Healthy, delicious, family food

Our mission: ‘To offer good value, tasty & healthy Middle Eastern, Indian & Mediterranean food that brings contentment to all our customers”.

We are delighted to welcome you as guests in our restaurant, bar and garden.

Come up, slow down.

Food is my best friend
Examples of some of our dishes – from the past & present
Marinated BBQ Safran Chicken
Chicken Saag (served with Basmati Rice)
Lebanese Aubergine Moussaka
Cucumber & Mint Indian Raita
Couscous, Quinoa & Fresh Citrus Salad
Lebanese Green Beans
Moroccan Beef Tagine
Safran Lamb Chops
Aloo Gajar Matar
Sanetsch Green Pasta
Pot de pâte à partager – Pasta for 4
Roasted Sweet Potato, Carrots & Onions
Bio Bulgur, Lentils & Vegetables Supreme
Iranian Kalam Polo Cabbage
Iranian Addas Polo
Lentil & Spinach Soup
Chicken Tandoori Kebab, Vegetable & Onion
Iranian Baghali Ghatogh
Baba Ganoush
Iranian Zereshk Polo
Swiss sourced with love

We source fresh products locally, from Farmers and Swiss suppliers.

We choose fresh & healthy vegetables, herbs, spices and meats seasonally.

Enjoy our BBQ dishes
Everyone loves a BBQ.
Try our signature dish, marinated Safran Chicken …
What do our guests say ?
Maya Yaron
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel
Deputy Director, China-Israel Joint Economic Task Force

I’ve been ordering from Roya several times now and I keep coming back and recommending her to my friends. She is an amazing cook! the food is home made and delicious. I have hosted dinners with the help of Roya: we planned the menu together and coordinated the delivery so the food will be fresh and hot. Some of the dishes arrived prepared for me to put in the oven and cook for 10-15 minutes so it would really be super fresh. the slow cooked lamb is great, the chicken kebab is perfect for children, and this week .we had an amazing vegetables curry. I highly recommend for great eating.

Wael Jabi

Amazing food, feels like i’m back home in the middle east!!

Safran Restaurant, Hotel Sanetsch, Gsteigstrasse 8, Gsteig by Gstaad, 3785 Bern, Switzerland